Command line usage

The straditize.__main__ module defines a simple parser to parse commands from the command line to load a diagram or a straditize project.

It can be run from the command line via:

python -m straditize [options] [arguments]

or simply:

straditize [options] [arguments]

Load a dataset, make the plot and save the result to a file

usage: straditize [-h] [-b [backend]] [-ni] [-rc-gui RC_GUI_FILE]
                  [-inc str [str ...]] [-exc str [str ...]] [--offline]
                  [-pwd str] [-s str] [-c str]
                  [-opengl {'software', 'desktop', 'gles', 'automatic'}]
                  [-o str] [-xlim val val] [-ylim val val] [-f]
                  [-rt { 'area' | 'bars' | 'rounded bars' | 'stacked area' | 'line' }]

Positional Arguments


Either the path to a picture to digitize or a previously saved straditizer project (ending with '.pkl')

Output options

Options that only have an effect if the -o option is set.

-o, --output

The path to the csv file where to save the digitized diagram

Gui options

Options specific to the graphical user interface

-b, --backend

The backend to use. By default, the 'gui.backend' key in the rcParams dictionary is used. If used without options, the default matplotlib backend is used.

Default: False

-ni, --new-instance

If True/set and the output parameter is not set, a new application is created

Default: False

-rc-gui, --rc-gui-file

The path to a yaml configuration file that can be used to update the rcParams

-inc, --include-plugins

The plugin widget to include. Can be either None to load all that are not explicitly excluded by exclude_plugins or a list of plugins to include. List items can be either module names, plugin names or the module name and widget via '<module_name>:<widget>'. Default: None

-exc, --exclude-plugins

The plugin widgets to exclude. Can be either 'all' to exclude all plugins or a list like in include_plugins.. Default: []

Default: []


If True/set, psyplot will be started in offline mode without intersphinx and remote access for the help explorer

Default: False


The path to the working directory to use. Note if you do not provide any fnames or project, but set the pwd, it will switch the pwd of the current GUI.

-s, --script

The path to a python script that shall be run in the GUI. If the GUI is already running, the commands will be executed in this GUI.

-c, --command

Python commands that shall be run in the GUI. If the GUI is already running, the commands will be executed in this GUI

-opengl, --opengl-implementation

Possible choices: software, desktop, gles, automatic

OpenGL implementation to pass to Qt. Possible options are ‘software’, ‘desktop’, ‘gles’ and ‘automatic’ (which let’s PyQt decide).

Straditizer options

Options specific pollen diagram digitization


The x-limits of the data part of the diagram


The y-limits of the data part of the diagram

-f, --full

If True, the image is digitzed and x- and ylim are set to the entire share of the array

Default: False

-rt, --reader-type

Possible choices: area, bars, rounded bars, stacked area, line

Specify the reader type. Default: “area”

Default: “area”

-V, --version

show program’s version number and exit

STRADITIZE Copyright (C) 2018-2019 Philipp S. Sommer

This program comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY. This is free software, and you are welcome to redistribute it under the conditions of the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE, Version 3.