About straditize

Why straditize?

In an age of digital data analysis, gaining access to data from the pre-digital era – or any data that is only available as a figure on a page – remains a problem and an under-utilized scientific resource. Whilst there are numerous programs available that allow the digitization of scientific data in a simple x-y graph format, we know of no semi-automated program that can deal with data plotted with multiple horizontal axes that share the same vertical axis, such as pollen diagrams and other stratigraphic figures that are common in the Earth sciences. STRADITIZE (Stratigraphic Diagram Digitizer) is a new open-source program that allows stratigraphic figures to be digitized in a single semi- automated operation. It is designed to detect multiple plots of variables analyzed along the same vertical axis, whether this is a sediment core or any similar depth/time series.

About the author

The code and GUI of straditize was developed by Philipp S. Sommer at the Institute of Earth System Dynamics (IDYST) at the University of Lausanne as part of the SNF funded HORNET Project (200021_169598).

The other contributors are Basil A. S. Davis, Manuel Chevalier and Dilan Rech who made significant contributions to the layout, workflow, beta tests and and reviewing of the software.


straditize is published under the GNU General Public License v3.0 under the copyright of Philipp S. Sommer, 2018-2019