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STRADITIZE (Stratigraphic Diagram Digitizer) is an open-source program that allows stratigraphic figures to be digitized in a single semi-automated operation. It is designed to detect multiple plots of variables analyzed along the same vertical axis, whether this is a sediment core or any similar depth/time series.

Usually, in an age of digital data analysis, gaining access to data from the pre-digital era – or any data that is only available as a figure on a page – remains a problem and an under-utilized scientific resource.

This program tackles this problem by providing a python package to digitize especially pollen diagrams, but also any other type of stratigraphic diagram.

The package is very new and there are many features that will be included in the future. Therefore we would be very pleased to get feedback! To do so, you can contact us or raise an issue on GitHub.

How to cite straditize

When using straditize, you should at least cite the publication in the Journal of Open Source Software:

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Sommer, Philipp, Dilan Rech, Manuel Chevalier, and Basil A. S. Davis. Straditize: Digitizing Stratigraphic Diagrams. Journal of Open Source Software , vol. 4, no. 34, 34, The Open Journal, Feb. 2019, p. 1216, doi:10.21105/joss.01216, https://doi.org/10.21105/joss.00363.

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Furthermore, each release of straditize is associated with a DOI using zenodo.org. If you want to cite a specific version or plugin, please refer to the releases page of straditize.

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