7. Column specific readers


If the entire diagram is just based on one diagram type (see Selecting the reader), you can skip this step.

As noted in the reader selection section, you can choose different readers for different columns in order to account for multiple subdiagram styles within the stratigraphic diagram. The current reader, i.e. the one that is selected in the Current reader tab in the Digitization control is the one that can be accessed via the stradi.data_reader attribute in the console. It is also sometimes referred to as the parent reader.

Clicking the + button in the Current reader tab let’s you select columns just by clicking on the data image.


After you selected the necessary columns, hit the Apply button. In the appearing window, select the reader type you want (see Selecting the reader). You now initialized a new child reader for the selected columns that can be set as the parent reader using the dropdown menu in the Current reader tab.