Editing samples

To edit samples, click the Edit samples button and a new figure will be created with one mark for each sample and a table is shown to you with the samples data. To edit the samples, you can edit the table or the marks in the plots

The sample table


The sample table shows you the vertical coordinates of the samples and the values for each column obtained through the digitization.

Each row in this table represents one sample in the diagram.

The first column is the vertical location (y-axis) of the sample, the remaining columns are the x-values of the samples. The numbers shown in the table are in pixel coordinates of the diagram part. To interact with the samples, you can

  1. Right click the table to add new or delete old samples/rows below or above the selected row

  2. Edit the numbers in the cells to change the values for the samples.

  3. Fit the x-values of the samples to the data.

    1. Either by right-click and Fit selected cells to the data, which will adjust the column values of the mark such, that it fits with the digitized value


      fitted to data



    2. Or by using the Fit selected cells to selected data checkbox. If this is checked:

      1. select cells in the table

      2. click on the plot

      3. the cells will be updated with the x-values from the digitization at the click-position

You can also zoom the selection or hide everything else but the selection.

Editing the marks


Additional to the table, you have a visual representation of the samples in the figure. Here, you have one plot per column each mark represents the vertical location of a sample. The marker x in the line shows you the value of the sample (i.e. the location on the x-axes).

  1. move a sample by

    1. left-click a mark and hold the mouse button (the mark will change it’s color)

    2. while still holing the mouse button, drag the mark to a different location

  2. delete a sample by right-clicking the mark

  3. add a new sample by holding down the Shift button and left-click on one of the plots.